May 2, 2014
"I feel so guilty every time I think of my parents paying even part of my tuition, even though I’m taking more out in loans then they’re paying. Both paid their own ways through college and while I was growing up told me I had to do the same. Meanwhile, I worry about my three younger brothers, none of whom are smart enough to get a full ride at anywhere outside of our local institution. I shudder to think of the burden the four of us are putting on our family, and I feel guilty that I might be the only one to get to go to an elite school like NU."

— Confession #553

April 23, 2014


April 20, 2014
"I supported myself financially throughout college and just graduated. For the students struggling to pay their bills out there, know that this difficult time in college will make you SO much better prepared for the real world. Employers like to see that you’re fiscally responsible. It really makes you stand out. Now I am outearning all of my peers and have my life together while they struggle to catch up/grow up. Being financially disadvantaged and supporting yourself just means you’ve been forced to enter adulthood much sooner than your peers. Anyway, for me it got better and I’m thankful that I had a lot of financial challenges thrown at me in college even though I hated them at the time. Hopefully it gets better for you guys too."

— Confession #552

April 17, 2014

April 2, 2014
"I was at lunch and one of my friends said, “Virtually no one here pays full tuition unless their parents are rich.” I told her no, actually, that’s not true, I pay full tuition, and my mom works over 80 hour weeks to single-handedly make that possible. Assumptions and stereotypes about wealth and class go both ways. We need to remember that we cannot judge any one until we have walked a mile in his/her shoes."

— Confession #551

April 2, 2014
"As an Asian American majoring in liberal arts, I have never received the full understanding or support for the major from my family or my Asian friends. It seems that only my Caucasian friends have ever agreed with my belief that my major will NOT necessarily determine my career - that my success will not be measured by financial stability/success - that I can make a substantial difference in the world in unconventional ways. Although I am proud of my Asian heritage, I cannot help but fundamentally disagree with the Asian society’s definition of success."

— Confession #550

March 27, 2014
"It actually hurts, a lot, to press the “make payment” button on CAESAR to pay for tuition fees every quarter. I try to put it off for as long as I can. It’s an emotional hurdle I have to experience from the moment I receive the email stating fees are due, to the instance I click the button on CAESAR. I always wonder if paying so much for an education will actually be worth it in the long-run. My utmost fear in life is to let all my parents’ sacrifices go to waste. I would say “I don’t think anyone understands”, but at least I know I’m not alone—not since someone brought this site to my attention."

— Confession #549

March 17, 2014
"Two weeks ago, I had lunch with friends and they were talking about this girl who was complaining about how expensive sororities are. I am not in a sorority because of the cost. I don’t feel that I can relate to them anymore."

— Confession #548

March 17, 2014
"Today, I was on the bus and overheard two students talking about their financial aid. One person said he was done with his major requirements, distros, etc. and could graduate after spring but is going to take random classes next year because “the school is paying for it anyway”. Another student talked about how he is “taking the refund and going on vacation with it”. Here I am, struggling to finish as early as possible to save my mom money. I do not receive financial aid and it absolutely disgusts me that people are taking “free money” from the school while I work to pay for my books and rent and my single mom has to make ends meet to pay for my tuition."

— Confession #547

March 8, 2014
"The real reason I know I have to get a job in a field I despise is because in 10 years, my little sister will need financial help to go to college and my parents won’t be able to afford it, after putting 4 other kids through college. I can’t do that on a teacher’s salary."

— Confession #546

March 8, 2014
"To the person who’s felt not Latina enough because of not being low-income, my experience with Latinos/Latinas has been the opposite. The people I’ve met who identify as Latino/a tend to be from a middle income background, or grew up privileged in other ways. I’ve yet to meet another inner city, low income, public school graduate, and I feel like just as often, I get discredited because I don’t exactly fit the stereotype of inner city minority youth. Despite that, I’ve also probably been part of those trying to make you feel less Latina based on my own income background, so I’d like to apologize for that. Seeing the spectrum of income and privilege among Latinos here has taught me that Latino/a is so much more than my hometown, a media image, and political statistics."

— Confession #545

March 8, 2014
"To Confession #494 - that’s hard work your parents and grandparents did, not you. Get over yourself. Don’t boost your ego with meritocratic arguments based in what OTHERS have done."

— Confession #544

March 8, 2014
""Just because I am financially supported does not mean I don’t work just as hard as you do to get my grades." Um, yes it does! If I’m working 12 hours a week so that I pay for rent and groceries, that means I have 12 less hours a week to study, write papers, do group projects, etc. So I have to do the same amount of class work in less time, therefore it’s a lot harder. Does that make more sense?"

— Confession #543

March 7, 2014
"I see affluent people making jokes about things like poverty on facebook a lot. This status, “If you mix Taco Bell mild sauce with ramen noodles, it tastes exactly like poverty,” is one example. Do you know what “poverty” tastes like? That makes you an a-hole."

— Confession #542

March 7, 2014
"I am come from a standard middle class family (nowhere near 200k). My state school is one of the most expensive state schools in the nation and hardly gave me any financial aid. Northwestern gave me enough financial aid where it cost the same amount as my state school. For that, I am grateful."

— Confession #541

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